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Mentorship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver Chapter Mentorship Program!

Annual pairs are set in early February. Late additions may be accommodated, depending on availability. Please contact for more information.

Special thanks to our new Mentorship Program Sponsor Simon Fraser University (SFU) Advancement & Alumni Engagement.

AFP Greater Vancouver is pleased to partner with this incredible educational institution to encourage and support our professional fundraisers with coaching and mentorship on their fundraising journey.


The Mentorship Program is designed to match a new fundraiser with someone in the industry who has more experience in an area they would like to learn more about. For the mentee, it provides an informal career pathway that addresses the pragmatic side of fundraising. Learning is a two-way street: the mentors enjoy a one-on-one relationship that is professionally relevant and meaningful.

An added bonus for all participants is the relationships they will gain across the mentorship program. These are members of an elite group of people who are actively moving forward in the sector – people who can be called on at any time as a peer.

Application Eligibility

While mentees must be a current AFP Greater Vancouver member to apply, mentors are not required to be a current AFP member (but are encouraged to join or re-join). Spaces are limited and the program is open to enthusiastic, dedicated fundraisers who are passionate about learning best practices in the field.

Selection Process

The selection committee matches mentors and mentees based on the needs of the mentee and the experience of the mentor. To make the best matches, we ask that everyone is as detailed in their application as possible.

The Expectations

Pairs are expected to meet regularly and have one face-to-face (virtual or in person) meeting each month. It is important for the mentee to ensure that meetings are scheduled and located at the convenience of the mentor and that agendas are prepared and circulated beforehand.

Intake & Application Forms

Please note: you must be a current member of the AFP Greater Vancouver Chapter, and logged in to your profile to view the mentee application form.

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